Tuesday, July 23, 2013

10 out of 10 for Presentation!

As we mentioned on the blog yesterday, the City of Prince Rupert has trumpeted the arrival of mobile device accessibility for parts of the City's website and the always popular City Council sessions.

A rather welcome step along the technological highway and the delivery of information and presentation.

Yet, even with that much anticipated step into the future, compared to some other communities, alas Prince Rupert may still be but a black and white TV in a world of High Def devices.

While improving steadily, the Prince Rupert website and presentation of civic governance, still doesn't have quite the same resolution and information delivery as sites such as the City of Prince George or the City of Vancouver.

And when it comes to presentation and the goal of getting the community to watch the pursuit of good government local style, well in presentation, all should take a back seat to the City of Whitehorse, or to be more precise, community access television in that community.

Northwestel Community Television 9 in the Yukon capital is trying to attract viewers for Whitehorse City Council and towards that goal they have produced a coming attractions trailer, which on the scale of Coming Attractions trailers is clearly rating at 10 out of 10 on the scale of Awesome.

As the National Post points out in this review of the Whitehorse epic, the theme of Game of Thrones seems to work its magic and while perhaps over reaching in a world of variance development permits and backyard chickens (which probably are not the theme of a blockbuster), if presented with the right approach, as it it is in Whitehorse, it all could be quite riveting.

So, with an eye towards our neighbours to the north in Whitehorse, we have started thinking...

Just what might a Prince Rupert Council film trailer look like, if CityWest Channel 10 wanted to go Hollywood North?

What kind of a theme, or call out to past movies or television could we possibly see?

Some observers of the political scene at Council may pay homage to the classics, or perhaps to a more modern fable of civic government.

With the Watson Island situation so dominant over the years, perhaps a theme along a recent Leonardo DeCaprio feature might make a nice storyline.

Oh the options we imagine are endless, and here's where we'll turn it over to our loyal readers and civic observers, soliciting your suggestions, as to what such a trailer for Prince Rupert City Council could look like.

Your trailer suggestions, which you can make in the comments field below, could just snare CityWest a coveted Oscar or Emmy award nomination, or surely at least, a Canadian Screen Award...

Who knows, your suggestion, could make every second Monday night (subject to schedule change), Prince Rupert's destination TV night.

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