Monday, July 15, 2013

Large delegation represented Rupert at Ketchikan's 4th of July

Prince Rupert was well represented on the 4th of July, as a large delegation of Rupertites made the journey to Ketchikan to share in that city's observances of Independence Day.

The Mayor touched on the recent visit of a number of Prince Rupert representatives to the Ketchikan Fourth of July celebrations, during his wrap up to last Monday's City council meeting.

His synopsis, providing some background on the journey which included, fellow City Council members Gina Garon and Nelson Kinney, as well as representatives from Port Edward, the Port of Prince Rupert, Ridley Terminals, the RCMP and Prince Rupert's Marine Search and Rescue group.

The Mayor's report on their Ketchikan trip can be found on the City Council Video Archive for July 8th, around the one hour five minute mark.

And while the Mayor's review of the trip may have been short, the collection of travellers made quite the impression on their Northern hosts, with a fairly complete review of some of the business aspects of the trip coming from the Ketchikan Public Radio Station KRBD.

Their website offers up some background on the Mayor's talking points to the Ketchikan Chamber of Commerce, which stressed some of the opportunities that Ketchikan industry could take advantage of through the Port.

As well as the Mayor's talking points, the Ketchikan Chamber meeting also included an information session from the Port of Prince Rupert's Maynard Angus, who provided a bit of a recent history lesson for Ketchikan Business leaders on Prince Rupert's economic struggles, which then led into an update on developments at Fairview and Ridley Terminals.

The KRBD report can be found here.

(photos from KRBD article)

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