Monday, July 8, 2013

School District stays in house for Superintendent's position

School District 52 has a new Superintendent in place as of July 4th, as Sandra Jones was announced as the successor to Lynn Hauptman, who departed for Southeastern British Columbia last month.

Tina Last , the Chair of the Board of Education issued the media release last Thursday, advising as to Ms. Jones promotion, outlining her background with the School District and the sense of excitement that the Board has in her taking over Ms. Hauptman's duties.

The appointment comes after the School District made use of the Make-A-Future educational job service, as we outlined on the blog in May, it is posting board of sorts that outlines available positions across the province and attempts to match up potential candidates with job opportunities.

The press release advises that the Board of Education with the assistance of Make-A-Future completed an extensive search to identify the best candidate for the position, in this case, it appears they both agreed on the person who held the Assistant Superintendent's position during the search period.

In the release, the new superintendent expressed her thoughts on her past service with School District 52 and looked ahead her work ahead with the district staff team, community and aboriginal partners across the District.

As she takes on her new duties at the School District office there are a number of issues to address, past grievances between SD52 and the local teachers' Union, as well as long running themes of school performance concerns, graduation rates and the past use of consultants that has raised a few eyes over the years.

The announcement of Ms. Jones as the new Superintendent is just one of a number of changes at the School District in recent months, with a number of principals changing schools for September.

You can review more background on past School District issues from our archives.

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