Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Skate boarding youth raise concerns for City council

Monday night's council session served notice for those riding skateboards on city streets that their disregard for safety and the rules of the road won't be tolerated for much longer.

Councillor Ashley was the first to relay the concerns of members of the public regarding the issue.

Having fielded a number of complaints from those who have found that some of those riding skateboards or long boards in the city are putting their lives and those around them at risk with the nature of their riding along the city's streets.

To address the issue, Council suggested that in partnership with the RCMP, Recreation Department and School District that an awareness campaign be launched to better educate those that ride their boards. Seeking to reinforce to them the dangers that they are posing to themselves and others in the community.

Part of the discussion involved the lack of safety gear for those riding bikes and skateboards, with Councillor Carlick-Pearson suggesting that Council consider some form of subsidy for those parents that can't afford such safety gear.

You can review the discussion from the City's Video archive, the skateboard debate runs from the 43:30 to 50:30 mark

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