Sunday, July 21, 2013

MLA's Week: July 8-11

Our snapshot of the contributions of the North Coast MLA Jennifer Rice in the proceedings of the BC Legislature.

On July 10th MLA Rice made an inquiry of the Honourable Stephanie Cadieux, Minister of Children and Family Development regarding staffing levels in Prince Rupert.

 "You spoke earlier about the communities that have high caseloads — Prince Rupert, Port Hardy, Princeton. Specifically, could you let me know how many staff are down in the Prince Rupert office? 

You can review the exchange from the Legislature Record it takes place just before the 1530 mark on the right hand side. You can view the presentation from the July 10th Afternoon session Video Archive at the 15:28 mark on the clock at bottom right.

During the afternoon session of July 11th, MLA Rice rose in the Legislature to seek an update on the much discussed plans for a transportation shuttle on the Highway of Tears.

In 2006 the Highway of Tears Symposium, which was convened by northern communities, First Nations and service organizations, recommended "that a shuttle bus transportation system be established between each town and city located along the entire length of Highway 16, defined as the Highway of Tears." Six years later the commissioner for the Missing Women Inquiry recommended that this shuttle bus be put in place immediately. 

Yet here we are. Another year has passed, and instead of delivering on the shuttle, this government actually approved cuts to Greyhound bus service between Prince Rupert and Prince George. My question is to the Minister of Justice. Seven years have passed since the recommendation was first made, and we've gone backwards, not forwards. When will the communities along Highway 16 get this shuttle? 

You can review that exchange between the MLA and the Minister of Transportation, the Honourable Susan Anton from the Legislature Record, it takes place just after the 1415 mark on the right hand side. You can view the presentation from the July 11th Afternoon session Video Archive at the 14:15 mark on the clock at bottom right.

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