Friday, July 26, 2013

Mayor to push province for resolution to Sun Wave saga

Mayor Jack Mussallem, his frustration growing it seems by the day with the nature of the ongoing tale of Watson Island and Sun Wave, is apparently at the point where he says "enough is enough", that at least from an article in Wednesday's Northern View.

The article (which you can read from the Northern Connector portal here page A2) highlights the nature of the City's concerns over the Sun Wave file, which as we outlined on the blog on July 15th made yet another appearance on the listings of the Supreme Court of British Columbia.

The Northern View advised on Wednesday that Sun Wave has already filed a notice of appeal, a process which the Mayor says they are entitled to, but one which he would seem to have had his fill of, considering the length of time that it's taking to bring it all to an end.

And while the recent court decision is a sign of forward momentum, the pace of delivery from the burdens of the Sun Wave case is clearly weighing on the Mayor's mind.

In the Northern View article, the Mayor outlines that the City will be approaching the provincial government to take action.

The Mayor and City it  would seem will be looking to Coralee Oakes, the Minister who is overseeing the Local Government files, to make use of provisions of the Municipal Enabling and Validating Act to bring an end to the Sun Wave appeals.

Watson Island and Sun Wave is a topic that City Council has discussed a number of times in their past sessions ( a good number of them of the closed variety), the theme on seeking assistance from the provincial government explored both in February as we recorded on our City Council timeline (56 minutes mark) and again more recently in April 8  (60 minute mark.

The Mayor says the City will also raise the issue at the upcoming UBCM conference in September, putting forward a resolution to change legislation that will help other communities avoid the long running and financially draining drama that Prince Rupert has faced over the last few years.

You can refresh your memory on the lengthy files of Watson Island from our archives.

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