Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Scott Road incident highlights Council's port traffic concerns

It fortunately was an incident that only resulted in a container truck laying on its side at the Scott Road turn off to the Fairview Container Port.

However, Tuesday's container truck roll over on Park Avenue would seem to reinforce the concerns of some city councillors over the nature of truck traffic, the majority of it travelling through the city, bound for the container port.

Prior to their five week summer break, City Council discussed the current level of truck traffic travelling along McBride, 2nd Avenue West and Park Avenue on its way through the city, giving some thought to a suggestion that the city approach the Ministry of Highways to reduce the speed limit for the large trucks that travel through the city, sometimes in convoy's of three and four.

The proposal would be a measure to offer up safer streets in the downtown core, while the Port moves forward on its bypass routewhich will steer container traffic towards Ridley Island by way of a coastal road from Fairview to the south.

That however is a project that is still a bit away from being put in use, though progress on the planning of the connecting road continues, anticipated to be part of the Phase Two Expansion's second stage  with an original target of being in service by 2015.

Until then, caution on the roads will no doubt be of concern to city council, Tuesday's accident perhaps used as a way to reinforce the message of safety through the city.

You can review council's concerns from the July 8th session from our account of the meeting here.

Both Prince Rupert Fire Rescue and the RCMP responded to the Tuesday incident which took place around 9 AM,  no injuries were reported from the roll over, which at the moment has been attributed possibly to a load shift within the container.

The incident brought traffic to the container to a standstill until the accident scene could be cleared, the container still resting on its side, remained at the side of the road through the afternoon.

Media accounts of Tuesday's incident can be found below:

Northern View-- No injuries reported in overturned semi

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