Tuesday, July 2, 2013

YPR seeks your views on air travel in the Northwest

If you have an opinion about air travel in and out of the Northwest, your opportunity to make your thoughts known has arrived.

YPR, Prince Rupert's airport which serves communities around the North Coast, in cooperation with the Prince Rupert Chamber of Commerce is seeking the feedback of the community on a number of items of interest to travellers of the Northwest.

Asking for the participation of the public, by way of an online survey of those on the North Coast residents that fly out of Prince Rupert or Terrace.

The survey features an opening set of questions regarding the much discussed possibility of a flight to and from Las Vegas from YPR, and what interest local residents may have in that service if offered.

Details of that proposal were first revealed in April.

However while the Las Vegas interest is a hopeful sign for future travel, it's the follow up questions that make for rather interesting reading when it comes to what YPR is looking to learn about the market that it serves.

Once the Las Vegas questions are taken care of, the airport then seeks out further information on the trends in the Northwest when it comes to flying, both from Prince Rupert and from the Terrace Airport.

In particular, they focus in on the nature of the airport option of Terrace and why local residents may be making that one hour and a half drive east to catch a flight.

The survey then returns to the Prince Rupert airport and asks survey participants to rate a variety of service options and attitudes at YPR.

The results will provide YPR officials with a helpful snap shot of the current attitudes towards air travel in the Northwest.

You can participate in the survey and share your opinions from this link.

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