Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Ridley Terminals set to host Annual Public Meeting

An opportunity for the public to hear of the latest developments at Ridley Terminals is coming up at the end of the week, as one of the city's larger industrial employers holds its Annual Public Meeting at the Crest Hotel.

Among some of the talking points for the public meeting will be an update on Ridley's expansion plans, as well as a review of their most recent financial statements.

The coal terminal is currently in the midst of an expansion project and is also in the midst of a potential sale to private hands, all topics that could be addressed at the Friday session which gets underway at 3 PM.

The theme of the potential sale recently came up for review at a conference in Las Vegas, where it was reported that the Terminal could fetch some 2 Billion dollars when the privatization process is complete.

Friday will provide Ridley officials the opportunity to provide a status report on where they believe that process may be at and what impact that it could have on the region.

At that Las Vegas conference the topic of expanding coal shipments from all ports along Western North America was discussed, Ridley officials may outline how they believe Prince Rupert's Terminal may fit into that growing level of development.

The Terminal also was recently in the news over environmental concerns regarding their loading procedures, another topic that may be introduced by the public at Friday's session.

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