Monday, July 22, 2013

City of Prince Rupert's going mobile!

A short tweet on the City of Prince Rupert's twitter feed last week heralded the arrival of a new era for the delivery of Civic information, as the City announced that parts of their website are now available for viewing by mobile devices, a prospect that for a few years now was something that wasn't available for the growing number of users of the changing technology of  iPads and such.

The lack of mobility for the city website, was one of the flaws in the early development of the City's website, one highlighted at the time as a potentially costly fix for the City to undertake in times of fiscal concern.

March 15, 2012-- iPhone incompatibility on City of Prince Rupert's website becomes budget issue
January 25, 2012-- Council wonders what to do about iPhone incompatible website

Still, if you want to deliver information, you need to be up to date as best you can, so for those that previously couldn't follow the items of interest from City Council it's a whole new world of information delivery now available at your fingertips.

More details on the project were to be delivered by way of a link from the twitter feed, but for the moment they direct us to a broken link to their facebook page .

An unfortunate glitch that leaves us waiting for further information on the options now available for city residents and visitors.

We're not sure how many of those that spend their time outside Safeway, the Library and other hot spot locations seeking free WiFi will be inclined to follow along with the events of City Council for instance. But now, if desired, the city's now five councillors, the Mayor and staff at Council sessions will be but a swipe of your finger away...

However, you'll have to be patient before you can test out the new access, with council taking a little summer sabbatical, the city's elected officials won't be meeting in session again until August 19th.

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