Friday, July 12, 2013

Central Coast community reeling after Friday morning fire

There were thankfully no injuries reported from an early morning fire in the Central coast community of Bella Bella, but the aftermath of the blaze has left the community seeking alternatives for a number of key services.

The fire call brought out the community's fire crew and a large number of volunteers to keep the fire contained, though when the flames were brought to bay, the
community grocery store, post office, cafe and liquor store had suffered much in the way of damage.

Further potential disaster was avoided as the fire crews managed to control the blaze before nearby fuel tanks could be ignited.

Plans are already in place to make for temporary lodgings for the store, with a barge on the way for Sunday with a larger than usual supply of provisions to be stored in the temporary location.

The investigation into the nature of the fire is ongoing.

Bella Bella is connected to Prince Rupert by way of BC Ferries, no damage was reported to the Ferry facility in the community.

Global BC was the first media outlet with details of the fire, you can review their report here.

The RCMP issued this news release on the nature of the fire and the investigation into it.

Further updates on the Bella Bella fire can be found below:

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Rebuilding Bella Bella updates:

On July 16th, North Coast MLA Jennifer Rice outlined the nature of the fire to the Legislature during an afternoon session, included in her remarks was the Internet address of a tumblr account designed to help those wishing to make donations to help rebuild the community's resources.

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