Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Prince Rupert Port Authority starts Marine procedures review

With the Port of Prince Rupert anticipating quick growth over the next decade, the need for planning and review of many of the port's processes is underway, with a variety of measures set to be put in place to move the Port forward as one of Canada's most important gateways.

As part of their ongoing efforts towards the goal of a safe harbour, the Prince Rupert Port Authority has started a review of its practices and procedures, seeking to identify, measure and create benchmarks of navigational risk for the Prince Rupert harbour.

Part of that process was a Marine Risk Analysis conducted last year for the Port by Det Norske Veritas, that report offers up some of the factors involved in considering future steps for Marine Safety at the Port, you can review the findings from that Risk Analysis here..

That analysis will serve as a background piece for the public and will be useful as a guide towards the goal of minimizing the risks as vessel traffic grows through the Port's various terminals.

Included in some of the measures under consideration are additional anchorage destinations, patrol boat escorts, tug availability and escorts.

Other possible considerations will include navigation corridors, "no-go zones", berth design requirements, radar coverage and navigational aid enhancements.

A full review of the Port's review of practices and policies can be found at the PRPA website.

The Port is seeking out the contributions from residents of Prince Rupert, welcoming feedback on questions of safe shipping measures for the North Coast, should you wish to contribute you can submit your questions or observations to the port at

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