Friday, July 12, 2013

North Coast MLA seeks movement on Highway of Tears shuttle bus proposal

For her first Question Period inquiry in the Legislature, North Coast MLA Jennifer Rice chose the topic of the Highway of Tears and the need for reliable and affordable transportation for residents of isolated communities across Highway 16.

On Thursday, Ms. Rice rose in the Legislature and asked her questions as to the progress of the recommendation for  safer transportation options on Highway 16, directing her inquiry to the Justice Minister Suzanne Anton.

Ms. Anton replied that the Transportation Ministry is currently studying the issue to identify considerations and solutions, though no background on what they are studying, nor a timetable of implementation was provided from Thursday's Question Period.

The recommendation for safer transportation options for the Highway 16 corridor was part of a past Highway of Tears Symposium and was raised again during the recent Missing Women Inquiry report.

It was also a topic of concern introduced by the Smithers council last year, we outlined some of the background on that shuttle proposal on the blog in September of 2012.

You can review Ms. Rice's discussion points from the Legislature records (the Blues for Thursday July 10) her introduction of the topic arrives at around the 14:18 minute Mark)

The video archive of the Question Period can be found here (click on the Question Period segment for July 11) . Ms. Rice's Question arrives at the 28:30 mark of the player.

The NDP posted a YouTube version of the MLA's question, which you can view below.

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Some background on the North Coast MLA's efforts in the Legislature can be found below:

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  1. The question has also been youtubified:


    1. Thanks for the heads up, we have added the You Tube video to the posting for easier access of those inclined to view it. NCR