Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Council seeks reduced speeds for trucks travelling through downtown core

With container traffic providing for the bulk of the industrial traffic that is currently rolling through the city's streets, Prince Rupert council is seeking for some solutions to the lengthy convoys of trailers that travel from the Port to Ridley and Watson Island locations.

Council took a first look at the issue on Monday evening, outlining the concerns of many that the trucks are travelling at speeds that may not provide for enough stopping time should inattentive residents cross in front of their paths.

In particular the stretch between McBride and through the downtown core was high among the councillors concerns, with some suggestions that either the trucks be provided with a special lower speed through the city, or that the speed limit for all traffic be reduced through the downtown region.

The issue will remain a concern until a truck bypass is completed between the port and the industrial sites on Ridley and Watson Island.

As we outlined on the blog in October of last year, that proposed route is on the drawing board, but as of yet construction has not commenced to reduce the impact of the increase in container traffic from the port and through the city's streets.

Another concern related to the increase in that truck traffic is the quick deterioration of the city's surface streets, as the heavier and frequent loads of the containers begin to take their toll on the city's road infrastructure.

You can follow along with the discussion from Monday's council meeting from the City's video archives.  The container issues can be found from the 30 minute to 38 minute mark

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