Wednesday, July 31, 2013

City seeks submissions from Community Enhancement Grant applicants

Local Community Groups can start their paperwork, as the City of Prince Rupert opens up another year of Community Enhancement Grant consideration, this one for 2014.

The Grants (cash and in kind assistance) may not provide as much to work with as in the past.  As the nature of the City of Prince Rupert's financial situation as it was in the past year, required a scaling back of the money the City could make available to Community Groups.

A situation that was the subject of much debate through the winter and spring, a discussion that at one point had council suggesting that Community Groups also seek out funding from other sources for their requirements. (Northern View e edition Feb 13, 2013 page 11).

Through the year, Council also frequently called on some of the city's larger industries, with particular attention to the Prince Rupert Port Authority, to take more of an active interest in community affairs. suggesting that the large industrial groups in the city might wish to help cover some funding shortfalls for community services and community groups.

Still, with a new budget in place, the City does have money available for the  2014 Grant year process and applicants should get busy making sure that their paperwork is in order and processed before the September 6th application deadline.

The first step on the way to consideration is to submit a completed application form, available from Corporate Services at City Hall or through this link to their web portal.

The current form available to be downloaded from the City website is from last years application process, so perhaps a phone call to City Hall to confirm it is still a valid form might be the first step for any community group.

Applicants must complete the forms in full and provide supporting documentation to their submission. Requests that are incomplete may be rejected or returned to the applicants. Among the documentation required is a budget and Financial statement, applicants are reminded that individuals are not eligible for any funding from the City.

The planned schedule of consideration after the September 6th deadline for applicants, will be for consideration of the submissions and granting of any potential assistance to be awarded by December 31st.

Should you have any questions on the nature of the Grant process, you are asked to contact Candice Campbell, Executive Assistant at 250-627-0939.  Her e mail address at City Hall is

Update: The City has updated its website notice for the Community Enhancement Grants, you can find out more here.

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