Monday, July 8, 2013

City Council Preview for July 8th

It should be a rather short session for Prince Rupert City Council's only July appearance, with the Agenda for July 8th rather light and one that should provide for little in the way of controversy or lengthy discussion.

Monday's session will lead into a break of some five weeks for the city's councillors as they lighten the load of administration for the summer.

At their June 10th session, Council voted to scrap the scheduled July 29th session, an advisory to that was posted to the City website last month

The decision to reduce the July attendance requirements, leaves but two council sessions through the summer months.

Their July effort taking place tonight, providing council with only a few housekeeping items to address on the agenda.

The July 8th gathering will be preceded by a Special session of council, which will be Closed to the public, where discussions involving a potential hiring by the city will take place, as well Council will receive information regarding Watson Island, both are items that it would seem cannot be shared in public forum at this time.

When they do gather in public session, Council will first hold a Committee of the Whole Meeting, which allows for public comment on any item of concern for community members.

Upon completion of that, it will be on to the Regular Meeting for the night, the adoption of the agenda and minutes of meetings past. You can review the full Agenda from the City Website (here)

With the preliminary work of adoption and minutes and such out of the way, Council will then entertain petitions and delegations and any unfinished business.

Council will then review Reports and Recommendations, with a pair of variance permits up for review, one of 8th Avenue East and the other for Edward Avenue. (Pages 11 to 40 of the Agenda)

Council will hear a report from the Deputy Corporate Administrator regarding an appointment (The Mayor as an Alternate Representative) to the Northwest Regional Hospital District Board (Page 41 of the Agenda)

As well, Council will receive a report for consideration from the Engineering coordinator regarding a project to use wood chips at the Landfill as a covering. (Page 42 & 43 of the Agenda)

As the meeting draws towards its end, Council will hear a reminder to advise if they plan on attending the UBCM sessions from September 16-20 in Vancouver. (Page 44 of the Agenda)

From there Council will advise if there is anything to report from their Closed meetings and address any bylaw issues

The City Manager will provide for his report on any outstanding Council initiatives and Councillors will then have the opportunity to share any additional items they feel may require Council's attention.

And with that the July 8th session will draw to a close, Council is next scheduled to gather at City Hall on Aug 19th.

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