Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Potential treasures, found off the beaten path at the Argosy

For those looking for something a little different for the home, or those inclined to doing just a little browsing through a Prince Rupert day, a new destination awaits you.

The Argosy, the latest addition to the ever changing Prince Rupert commercial class, opened its doors on June 21st,  the shop can be found at the far end of Third Avenue West. 985 3rd to be precise, directly across from Harbour Theatre's Tom Rooney playhouse.

It'a a location which offers up to local adventurers a wide selection of things to explore, some of which perhaps may not have been found in the city before.

For some the location will be a curio shop, others a gallery, maybe for a few a museum of some of the more intriguing items of Prince Rupert's past.

Whichever category works we imagine will be fine with the owners and staff, who have been busy arranging the items, setting the tone and spreading the word of their new location.

With their launch, the Argosy is making much use of social media to showcase what can be found in their corner of Prince Rupert's commercial class, using both twitter and facebook to provide glimpses to what is through its doors.

While it may be far away from the more traditional home of arts, crafts and collectibles in the Cow Bay area,  judging by the comments from both social media sites, making the trip towards the western most reach of Third Avenue is worth the journey.

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