Thursday, July 25, 2013

City Council to hold Special Council Meeting Thursday afternoon

It looks like Prince Rupert City Councils, siesta from civic governance will have an interruption after all, with notice of a Special session of City Council posted to the City's website on Wednesday afternoon, advising that the Special session will take place Thursday at 5 PM in Council chambers.

Council had originally voted to cancel it's July 29th session and not meet in regular session again until August 19th, however there was the advisory mentioned at the time, that they could gather in Council chambers if the need arose (and of course if a quorum can be found).

There's not much information on what has spurred Council on to gather, a short twitter note on the City's twitter feed advises that among some of the topics for the afternoon session will be Development Variance Permit: Prince Rupert RV Campground and for 930 11th Avenue East.

The usual package of Agenda notes for regular sessions has not been provided for on the City's website, so we'll all have to wait until 5 PM to see what else may come for discussion when Council members take their seats.

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