Sunday, November 5, 2017

Blog Watching: Week ending November 5, 2017

How municipal government  spends its money proved to be a popular theme this week, as our look at a report from the Canadian Federation of Independent Business proved popular.

The findings for the 2017 review highlight the increases in spending found across the Northwest, including the numbers for the City of Prince Rupert which saw a shift upward from the its placement of last years report.

Our notes on the Mayor's trip to Vancouver for a Climate forum proved to be a popular item this week, as Mr. Brain joined a number of regional leaders at the Vancouver event.

The surge in gas prices of the last two weeks made for a hot topic, with many readers reviewing our look at the tale of the pumps.

A report into the review of medical imagery concerns that stemmed from recent events at Mills Memorial Hospital in Terrace was released this week, with a large volume of readers exploring the findings and recommendations.

And as this was City Council week, we featured a range of stories related to the Monday evening session, our look at the presentation from a large delegation of residents from the Graham Avenue area provided for the most views of the week's municipal reviews.

The top story of the last seven days however turns to how the municipal governments of British Columbia spend their money and where Prince Rupert has landed as part of a recent CFIB review for 2017.

CFIB Report finds Municipal spending on the increase in Northwest BC - The findings of a review of municipal spending, find that spending by civic government in Prince Rupert, and many other communities of the Northwest is on the rise  .  (posted October 30, 2017)

That article was followed by:

Exchange of ideas for climate leadership on the Agenda as Mayor Brain takes in Vancouver Climate Forum - Municipal leaders from the Northwest were in Vancouver this week taking part in a climate forum hosted by the Climate Leadership Institute . (posted November 1, 2017)

Up, Up and Up! Gas prices give Prince Rupert motorists sticker shock today - The most frightening thing of the week wasn't related to Halloween or a trip to a haunted house, but rather for motorists making a trip to the local gas station to fill up their tanks.   (posted November 2, 2017)

Radiology inquiry releases findings - A review of procedures related to medical imaging issues in Terrace and other locations in BC, provided for a string of recommendations to better protect patients and deliver service to the community . (posted November 2, 2017)

City Council hears message from Graham Avenue residents - Monday's Prince Rupert City Council session provided a lesson in Community engagement, as residents of the Graham Avenue area descended on City Hall to share thoughts on a variance request. A full look at Monday's Council session can be found here, while notes related to themes from it can be reviewed here. (posted November 3, 2017)

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