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MLA's Week: Week October 3o - November 2, 2017

The theme of wildfire fire recovery efforts in the interior made for the only political commentary in the Legislature this week for North Coast MLA Jennifer Rice.

Ms. Rice responded to statements and observations from a number of interior MLA's as part of the Monday session in Victoria, as she recounted the efforts to those who fought the fires of the summer and updated the legislature on the work of the government in the recovery period that has followed the summer of wildfires.

Our look at the work week that just concluded, can be found below:

On the week, Ms Rice was listed twice  in the accounts of the sessions of the Legislature from October 30 to November 2 .

Ms. Rice's contribution to the Legislature discussion themes came Monday morning, with her update on fire recovery efforts in the province.

Rice updates Legislature on Fire recovery efforts in the province

Ms. Rice also took advantage of the member's statements period of the Thursday morning session to introduce her wife Andrea Wilmot, to the Legislature.

This week the North Coast MLA also called attention to the NDP governments plans to address poverty, making note of their new initiative through her social media stream on Tuesday.

The NDP government has created an Advisory Forum on Poverty reduction, Northwest representation on the 27 member collective will come from Terrace's Stacey Tyers, the Terrace councillor brings extensive experience on issues of poverty to the forum

Terrace Councillor appointed to Advisory Forum on Poverty reduction

Ms. Rice and the rest of the NDP caucus are in attendance at the NDP convention this weekend, with MLA's gathering with the party membership to chart their course for the year ahead, that  event is taking place at the Victoria Convention Centre.

Ms. Rice is also a member of the committees listed below, Transcripts of their work are available on the individual pages for each Committee.

Select Standing Committee on Aboriginal Affairs

Select Standing Committee on Children and Youth


For our readers from the Terrace-Kitimat region, this week finds that Skeena MLA Ellis Ross has had a productive week in Victoria, with the MLA involved with some committee work as well as delivering a statement of tribute for the recently passed Elmer Derrick.

MLA Ross pays tribute to life of Elmer Derrick in Legislature speech

Mr. Ross took part in three sessions of Committee work related to the theme of Indigenous Reconciliation and review of a resolution from the United Nations.

You can review his contributions to the Committee forums from the archive pages below.

Tuesday Afternoon
Tuesday Morning

As well, video of his questions and observations is available below from the first two days of the sessions

Tuesday Afternoon
Tuesday Morning

Mr. Ross is also a member of the Standing Committee on Legislative Initiatives, Transcripts of the work of that committee is available on the Legislature website

The Northwest also made some news in the Liberal leadership campaign this week, with Terrace businesswoman Lucy Sager announcing her departure from the race, throwing her support to Dianne Watts, providing for some Northwest input into the leadership quest of the former Surrey Mayor and MP.

Lucy Sager steps out of Liberal leadership race

The Legislature will return to their work on Monday morning, November 6th.

There is more background on the North Coast and Skeena MLA's available from our MLA's Week Archive as well as our General Archive on the Legislature.

A larger overview of provincial issues can be found on our political portal D'Arcy McGee 

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