Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Ottawa and the House of Commons could be calling for CHSS grads

Graduating Students from CHSS who may be heading to
Ottawa for post secondary education might want to check
out potential job opportunities with the
Page Program at the House of Commons
(photo from HoC website)

Students bringing their high school years to an end in 2018 might have some travel in store following graduation with the House of Commons in Ottawa currently seeking recruits for the Page program on Parliament Hill.

Pages provide for a number tasks related to the work of the House of Commons and can broaden their knowledge of Canadian politics and history through participation in the day to day work of the Parliamentary system.

The competition for the positions is tough, with only 40 students selected from across Canada for the program which sees the students working on a part time basis during their first year. Candidates for the positions must be starting full time studies at one of the four Universities located in the National Capital Region.

The Charles Hays website has some notes related to the program.

The annual recruitment period runs from October to December.

You can explore the House of Commons website for more details on how the program works and how you can apply.

The with an interest in Canadian politics can find some notes on the work of NDP MP Nathan Cullen from our House of Commons archive page here, while a wider overview of Federal politics can be found on our D'Arcy McGee portal.

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