Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Delays for Doug Kerr Field opening; as City Crews continue to attend to damage from April wind storm

Keep Off the Grass!!! Ball field not ready for use after damage
from last month's wind storm

The lingering effects of April's Wind Storm have provided a setback for the City of Prince Rupert, with plans now delayed when it comes to re-opening the Doug Kerr Field for use by local sports teams.

The storm which roared through the city on April 10, wreaked havoc on the City's work to re-sod the field, with much of the sod torn up in the midst of the 104 km/h wind gusts, damage which has required additional work now to re-establish the turf through fertilization and additional seeding.

With that in mind, the City has advised that there will be a two week delay before the field will be ready for use, asking that residents avoid the field for any purpose until crews can determine the success of their rescue work.

The Doug Kerr Field at the Civic Centre will see the opening delayed
while City Crews attend to damage from last month's wind storm

The field was repatriated for use by local softball and baseball players in March of this year, when the City closed the unofficial Dog Park that had been set up by residents, shifting them to McClymont Park for now with a long range plan to develop a Dog Walk as part of the McKay Street project.

You can review the full announcement from the City here.

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