Monday, May 7, 2018

Prince Rupert's New Online Investment portal launched; showcases what City has to offer

A new online information service launched by the City of Prince Rupert offers a chance for those looking to invest in the community to explore much of what's available on the North Coast.

The project which was officially introduced by the City on Friday is one of three investment gateways that have been created in the Northwest.

As we noted on the blog on Friday, Terrace was the first to get their program rolled out last week, showcasing what that community has to offer, Kitimat will also be taking theirs live shortly, following much the same blue print as their northwest partners.

The launch of the Prince Rupert version of the investment portal, was celebrated by way of a media release on Friday, with Paul Venditelli the Economic Development Officer with the City noting the access that the online site will provide.

“Our mandate is to support and attract businesses in Prince Rupert,” ... “There are many business opportunities here to service both the local port and the community as it grows alongside it. This website is a great tool to help people understand what opportunities exist, and how to access them.” 

From his view at Community Futures, John Farrell observed of the promise that Prince Rupert holds for investors, particularly for those looking to access the footprint of the Port of Prince Rupert in the region.

“This is a critical tool for entrepreneurs and investors looking for a market that has promise,” ... “As the fastest growing Port in North America, Prince Rupert has the long-term growth potential to make business successful. This website helps makes the case.”

For the Prince Rupert site, the City and Community Futures of the Pacific Northwest have put their stamp on the project, the layout of which follows the same patterns as the Terrace Investment portal.

The scope of the information portal is impressive, with a number of options to explore offering an opportunity to dig deep into information  on a range of themes. Each of the categories offers an extensive review of data that provides for a helpful overview of the opportunities available for investment in the region.

From the Gateway page (see here)  readers can view twelve main themes below  that include:

Business Climate
Industry Trends
Customer Research
Competition Analysis
Uncovering local opportunities
Identify Land Uses
Examine the Environment
Evaluate the Workforce
Identify Community Facilities
Identify Transportation
Locate Utilities
Search for Available properties

The Community Futures segment offers up additional links to a number of other areas where investors may find some assistance, from a review of What the Community Futures office has to offer, as well as entry points for the Chamber of Commerce, Love Prince Rupert initiative and some provincial investment links.

The City is looking to see the new information stream to support local business and showcase the community through the wide reach that the online world offers, towards those goals the City has plans to share word of the new information project through its range of social media platforms.

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