Wednesday, June 2, 2021

RCMP investigate graffiti incident at Annunciation Church

The discovery last week of the mass grave of the students of the Kamloops Residential School has seemingly been the spark to a graffiti incident in the city.

 With a door to Annunciation Church on Fourth Avenue West marked by the the words "Murderers Burn in Hell" in an incident reported to the RCMP around 3AM on  May 31st.

The case file is now under way with a canvas of the area for video surveillance part of the work taking place.

As part of the investigation, the RCMP will examine all elements of the incident before making any decision on what level of charges may be laid, or how the case file will move forward.

There is no current motive noted by the local detachment, but it would seem likely that Annunciation Church was targeted owing to the Catholic Church's attachment to the Kamloops Residential School which it ran for decades in the Interior.

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