Thursday, November 9, 2017

Northern Savings warns of another email scam

The prospect of an electronic transfer of money from the Canada Revenue Agency might seem like a gift from the Taxation Gods, especially heading towards the Christmas season.

However, as things turn out, a current email campaign won't deliver North Coast residents any cash and is actually yet another attempt by fraudsters to get personal and financial information from unsuspecting victims.

Northern Savings is warning its customers about the latest scam, posting a short note through their website which alerts North Coast residents to the scam.  Potential targets are receiving fake Interac e-transfer documentation, which is claimed to be coming from the Canada Revenue Agency.

These notifications are being delivered by email and text and as Northern Savings points out, that's not a communication process that Canada Revenue makes use of, with the Credit Union urging its customers not to accept them.

As part of their awareness campaign, Northern Savings directs those wishing to learn more about fraud protection measures to review the information offered by Canada Revenue through their website, the details on how to protect against such attempts can be found here.

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