Wednesday, September 15, 2021

PRDTU calls for SD52 to restore cut positions from May budget decision making

The PRDTU has returned to the discussion on
staff cuts for 2021-22, outlining their position in
the local paper this week with an advertisement message

The members of the Prince Rupert District Teachers Union have taken to an open letter of sorts to the public to revive the contentious issue of the staff cuts from the Spring. 

The union takes up the topic through a message the community in the local newspaper, a missive that picks up the discussion on the future of education in the District from where it left off at the end of June.

In their notes the PRDTU recounts the cutting of nearly one tenth of the teaching staff last spring, noting that at the time they knew it would have an impact on education.

The union observes as to how the cuts may result in fewer certified teachers, over capacity in classrooms, increased class sizes and fewer supports for students. 

Warning that student learning will be impacted if the cuts are not fully restored, the PRDTU outlines how it would like to see the School District address the issue.

Noting how they don't want to see any funds moved away from direct supports for student learning, adding that funding should be kept as close to the students as possible.

Towards their goal, the PRDTU is calling for the cuts to be fully restored, with no increases in administrative pay, administrative positions or other non instructional expenses until that time.

So far the union has not made use of their online presence to share their information campaign with the public, with the last update to that forum dating back  to May 13th.

SD52 has also not addressed the latest salvo between the two sides of the education debate in the community.

The School District last addressed the cuts to positions in May with little additional information provided on the topic prior to the return to school last week.

You can review some of the history of that contentious three month period and other themes on Education from our archive page here.

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