Wednesday, September 15, 2021

CityWest prepares for next expansion with Fraser Lake the destination

Fraser Lake makes for the next direction point for the
CityWest compass
(photo from Village of Fraser Lake)

It's shaping up as a busy month for announcements for Prince Rupert based CityWest, with the City of Prince Rupert communication company announcing a new destination point for its map of communities for service, this time with Fraser Lake the next expansion location to be noted.

In an announcement from Tuesday, CityWest outlined its plans for the community located between Houston and Vanderhoof along the Highway 16 corridor, relaying that over the next few weeks, the company will begin its first stages of expansion into the community of Fraser Lake, with the goal of one day providing amazing customer services through fibre-optic Internet, TV, and phone. 

CityWest estimates the cost of the project is $2.1 million.

“It was fabulous working with our partners at Fraser Lake, because they truly understand the importance of connectivity, and they’re working hard to ensure their community is well-served. We’re excited to show everyone in Fraser Lake how our amazing employees provide great customer experiences while providing them with state-of-the-art technology.”  -- Stefan Woloszyn, CEO of CityWest. “

The first stage of expansion, will see representatives with Fraser Lake and CityWest going directly to the doors and mailboxes of residents, to sign them up for their installation, and ask permission to bury a “drop” on their property. (A drop is the infrastructure that runs from the street to the customer premises.) 

Once that is complete, customers in Fraser Lake will have access to fibre-to-the-home services when CityWest links those connections to the backbone along Highway 16. No timeline towards the start of those connections was included in the information release of Tuesday.

The addition of Fraser Lake continues on with the expansion plans east of The Bulkley Valley, that was highlighted by CityWest's move into the Vanderhoof region last year.

CityWest continues to expand its footprint for service to the
communities in the Eastern portion of the Northwest

Mayor Sarrah Storey outlined the enthusiasm for the project that the community has towards the connectivity project, noting how it was an opportunity that they couldn't pass up.

“We’re excited to partner with CityWest to bring fiber optic infrastructure to our community. CityWest has been amazing to work with. They understand the needs of smaller communities dealing with connectivity concerns. “Bringing our community into the 21st century, especially in this time where we connect online more than ever, is vital for our businesses and residents. We believe this will support growth and the sustainability of our community.”

The announcement also notes some of the financial themes of the work ahead for community residents.

The Village of Fraser Lake will leverage grant funding to pay for a portion of the build, meaning there will be no additional municipal taxes levied for the project.

The full announcement from CityWest can be reviewed here.

The Tuesday announcement was the second significant move for the Communication company in the last five days. 

As we noted on Monday, CityWest outlined its plans last Friday for service on Haida Gwaii, that project is part of the Connected Coast initiative.

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  1. I live in Prince Rupert and have been informed my fibre optics is at least a coulpe of years off. Am I supporting someone else getting fibre optics City West told us we would be getting?

  2. The next election should have the following referendum question.

    Should Citywest continue to be a Municipally owned corporation?

  3. It's very nice to hear that City West is expanding into providing services to all these outside communities. When, I wonder, are they going to provide those services such as Fibre optics to the local customers who have supported City West all these years, and have been waiting several years now for access to the fibre optic cable system, which I understand is still a few years away? We are urged to "buy local". Whatever happened to servicing local residents?