Tuesday, September 14, 2021

District of Port Edward to review plans for Port Edward LNG facility tonight

A visual image of the proposed Port Edward LNG facility off of 
highway 16 in the District of Port Edward

(From Port Edward Council agenda)

Council members in Port Edward will be taking up a review of the latest notes on the proposed Port Edward LNG facility, with the theme of a development permit for site preparation up for discussion at tonight's Council session starting at 7PM.

Some of the background on the proposed development on Highway 16 is available as part of tonight's Council Agenda, providing for the first significant look at the progress for the project since it was announced almost one year ago in October of 2020.

The review of information for the Council members starts with a report from the District's CAO Danielle Myles Wilson, who provides for the latest status of the project and its path through regulatory themes.

Report for Port Edward Council on the
status of the proposed Port Edward LNG facility

(click to enlarge

The documentation from Port Edward LNG for tonight's Council session provides a look at the work that has taken place to date towards the Temporary Development Permit application

The overview comes with hopes by PELNG to commence with its early works on the project in October of this year with Operations of the facility to be up and running by the first quarter of 2023 following start up and commissioning. 

Once in operation it's anticipated that the facility will be capable of producing 250,000 US gallons per day of LNG with the potential for a doubling of that volume through expansion from a possible second phase.

The project is expected to generate up to 80 jobs during the construction phase, with up to twelve permanent employees upon completion as well as a number of third party  personnel in support of the facility operations.

The Report to Council provides an overview of the environmental and Heritage Conditions and a Socio Economic review.

Other elements include Traffic impacts, a blasting plan overview for the site clearance requirements and the community engagement taken on to date, including that with area First Nations.

The full report from Port Edward LNG can be reviewed from tonight's Port Edward Council Agenda.

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