Tuesday, July 5, 2022

City of Prince Rupert seeks ten minutes of your time, for comment on community transportation themes

The future of Transportation themes in Prince Rupert is the latest project up for review through the City of Prince Rupert's online platform Rupert Talks.

The project is known as Connect Rupert, and the first community survey is now available for your participation on line.

Towards what Connect Rupert is all about, in their opening commentary as part of the lead in to the survey, the ambitions for the project are explained as follows:

The City of Prince Rupert is developing Connect Rupert, a city-wide Transportation Plan, to help shape the future of transportation in Prince Rupert. 

The City is committed to developing a transportation network that encourages more active and sustainable modes of transportation. 

Over the next twelve months, the City will identify strategies and projects to help make the transportation network more convenient and accessible for residents and visitors.

The Survey consists of 26 questions covering a range of themes on all elements of transportation from walking to driving and water based options.

Among some of the key questions include:

What are the top three transportation issues or challenges facing Prince Rupert today?

Challenges for cycling and rolling in the community, or those with mobility concerns. 

The survey seeks comment on transit and school bus service in the community.

Taxis and the potential of ride hailing services takes up a few moments in the survey

While the issues related to air, water and rail based transportation also have a place for commentary.

The deadline for participation with the online survey is July 29th and to help create some interest and expand on participation the city is offering three prizes to be drawn for at the end of the survey period.

Those looking for more information on the project can contact Veronika Stewart, Communications Manager, City of Prince Rupert.

Reach her through the following options:

424 3rd Avenue West, Prince Rupert, BC 
Phone: (250) 627 0976 
Email: veronika.stewart@princerupert.ca

Some elements of transportation made for part of Mayor Lee Brain's State of the City presentation last week, those themes can be reviewed below:

More notes on Civic themes can be reviewed through our Council Discussion Archive.

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