Friday, June 8, 2018

A look at some of Prince Rupert's Port facilities featured in June edition of BC shipping magazine

A familiar looking place can be found on the cover
of this month's edition of BC Shipping News, with
Prince Rupert's own Lonnie Wishart
providing the cover shot and much more 

(from BC Shipping News website)

The growing nature of the diversification of shipping terminals in British Columbia makes for a large focus in the June edition of the BC Shipping news, with the magazine offering up some feature material on a number of facilities in the Prince Rupert area.

The June edition of the publication puts the spotlight on Ray-Mont Terminal on Ridley Island, as well as the  Tidal Coast Terminal in the Industrial park, highlighting the shipping options that both bring to the Prince Rupert waterfront.

The magazine provides a bit of  background about the two terminals, framed as part of a larger story on the competitive challenges that the shipping industry faces in British Columbia, themes explored starting on page 20 of this months edition.

The article also takes note of a range of energy issues including the proposed LPG terminal projects proposed for the Prince Rupert region, as well as the renewed attention that the Eagle Spirit Pipeline project has gained in recent months.

LNG issues gain additional exposure in the June press run (on pages 28 & 29), with a look back at some of the LNG terminals once proposed for the North Coast and what developments still hold promise in British Columbia of making it to the development stage.

Marine Traffic in British Columbia's waters is explored in a historical piece, with the  June edition tracing the evolution of the Marine Vessel tracking system in the province (pages 18-19), with mentions for the Prince Rupert Vessel Traffic Centre and Coast Guard base included as part of the wider overview of the evolution of service.

In addition to the informative articles, readers will want to take note of some of the photography, starting with the Cover page (see top of this page) with a showcase of the work of Prince Rupert's Lonnie Wishart included in the June edition, as well as in the form of some of the advertisements than can be found throughout the fifty six pages for this month.

Ms. Wishart's work continues to gain a high level of notice, with her photography skills put to use related to many elements of transportation found on the North Coast and beyond.

You may be able to pick up your own print copy at Eddie's News, a sample of what you'll find can be examined here, with a slideshow presentation of the magazine's most current edition.

For more items related to the range of facilities across the Prince Rupert footprint see our archive page here.

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