Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Bursaries, Scholarships and Awards but ten days away as SD52 heads for Graduation 2018 ceremonies

The Lester Centre serves as the final act for the journey through
high school students in Prince Rupert this mont.
With the CHSS graduation commencement ceremony set for June 15th

With a few few rehearsals to come and perhaps a final fitting or two for a grad suit or dress, the Class of 2018 is heading towards their date with destiny for their high school years, with the Graduation ceremony for Charles Hays Secondary School set for the Lester Centre on Friday, June 15th.

Two rehearsals are on the agenda first for the students with the pre-grad run throughs to take place on the Wednesday and Thursday.

The pomp and ceremony of the finale to the students high school years will feature the traditional greetings, contributions from a guest speaker, some final thoughts from the School District and other invited guests, followed by the awarding of their diplomas and the walk to centre stage for the photos of the big night.

As well, as part of the celebration of education on the North Coast, bursaries, scholarships and awards will be presented on the night, With the School District once again finding a very engaged community ready to provide for a financial reward and head start for those with post secondary education plans.

Students had until early May to complete their applications for the range of opportunities available for them, which include Fifteen Awards, Forty nine bursaries and Twenty seven Scholarships.

The Charles Hays Secondary School Scholarship booklet highlights the strong support that education on the North Coast receives from individual residents, small business owners, larger corporations, social organizations and local unions, partners for the School District that year after year help to celebrate the conclusion of the milestone moment for the youth of Prince Rupert.

A look inside the annual list offers up a glimpse into some of the background behind each of the scholarship opportunities, with some of the options providing a testimony to former Rupertites or the memories of those that have passed away.

You can review the details for all of the opportunities here.

Following the official ceremonies of the 15th, the Grad Parents committee takes over, hosting the annual Graduation celebration of Saturday evening.

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