Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Concerns of Environmental groups for CN vegetation plan gain increased media attention across the Northwest

A correspondence between CN Rail and the Ministry of Environment
has raised the concern of local environmental groups when it comes to
any future vegetation control program  by the railway. 
Last year the group expressed their concerns related to the above
spraying program which took place along the Skeena River.

(photo from T Buck Suzuki Foundation)

A social media post from mid may from the Prince Rupert Environmental Society is picking up some increased media attention this week, with the environmental group once again making note of its concern over the issue of CN's railway vegetation spraying program.

Both the Prince Rupert Society and the T Buck Suzuki Foundation made note of a recent action taken by Environment and Climate Change Canada which saw the railway assessed a fine in excess of one millions dollars to promote the protection of the environment, the result of the railway's use of a fuel that does not meet with Renewable Fuels Regulations.

The amount of the fine was something which the Prince Rupert Environment Society was not impressed with, suggesting it was not much of an incentive to obey the law and wondering what would be the outcome should the issue of spraying fish bearing streams along the Skeena ever go to court.

The Prince Rupert group also shared a larger overview of how the environmental movement views CN"s approach to the environment, with a lengthy examination of the topic through a media release from the T Buck Suzuki Environmental Foundation which recounts the environmental group's concerns with CN's environmental history.

The main focus of concern for both is found from a segment of a CN letter to the BC Ministry of the Environment related to CN's view of Pest management.

“As a federally-regulated interprovincial railway company, CN is of the view that it is not required to submit a [BC] Pest Management Plan”. Monika Pezdek, Coordinator, Legislative Affairs CN – May 23 2018

The railway additionally has indicated that in intends to carry out its vegetation management work in keeping with the high standards in place in British Columbia.

CFNR Radio accessed a copy of the letter from May 23, which your can review here.

The notes on the issue of CN's vegetation management approach from the two environmental groups can be found here.

CN's plans for vegetation management along its railway right of way
is again making for concerns for regional environmental groups

The concerns for the Skeena go back to last year when CN embarked on its management plan along railway property across the Northwest.
The investigation into last years spraying program is still part of an ongoing investigation by the Conservation Officer Service and Ministry of Environment, with no findings delivered as of yet.

The story has provided for some wide coverage across the Northwest, providing further background to the issue, along with some commentary from CN officials as to how the are viewing the issue.

Those stories can be found below:
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