Sunday, May 22, 2022

Blog Watching: Week ending May 22, 2022

The concerning issue for many in the community of commercial marijuana grow op enterprises in the city, mainly in the downtown core, has again become a hot topic of conversation and that was reflected in the interest to our notes on the recent response of Mayor Lee Brain to the situation.

Also gaining a strong audience this week was our look at some expansion plans for Telus as that national company looks to increase its service to remote and underserved areas of the province.

The price of gas at the pump gained some notice this week as the price at the pump crossed over the 2 dollar a litre mark, while our look at an industrial LNG project for just outside of Port Edward also had a large volume of readers.

And this was the week when Prince Rupert heard of its new Officer in Charge for the RCMP detachment, with the local detachment introducing the community to its newest member who will take on the duties of Command.

When it came to the top item of the week however, the blog piece that captured the most attention was that which looked at some recent notes on the commercial marijuana situation in the community.

Mayor awaits final report on issue but promises a 'lengthy response' to commercial marijuana issue in the city -- The topic of commercial marijuana enterprises in the city, with much focus on the downtown core area has again become a hot topic in the community, with Prince Rupert Mayor Lee Brain sharing a few thoughts in a recent submission to a comments forum on the Facebook page of the weekly newspaper      (posted  May 18 , 2022)

That article was followed by: 
Prince Rupert's price at the pump pushes through the 2 dollar a litre mark -- Motorists filling up this week at the city's gas stations were finding a bit of sticker shock at the pump, with the price now passing by the 2 dollar a litre point    (posted  May 18, 2022)
Telus investment in BC could make for CityWest challenges along the Highway 16 corridor -- This week saw some significant investment made in the province by the national communication company Telus, part of an expansion of service program for underserved areas of British Columbia  posted May 19,  2022)

Port Edward LNG looks to summer start for construction of terminal  -- The proponents of a small scale LNG facility along Highway 16 just beyond the Port Edward turnoff have outlines some of their construction plans that are set to start this summer.   (posted May 16, 2022)  .  
Prince Rupert RCMP introduce new Detachment Commander -- After a two year period of interim officials watching over the city's RCMP Detachment, the RCMP in Prince Rupert have introduced Sergeant Gerald Walker as the new Detachment Commander.   ( posted May 20, 2022)

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