Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Mayor awaits final report on issue but promises a 'lengthy response' to commercial marijuana issue in the city

A fire deemed suspicious by the Prince Rupert Fire Rescue Department
has spurred on more conversation on concerns over suspected
cannabis grow ops in the city

Prince Rupert Mayor Lee Brain has offered up some thoughts on the current conversation on the issue of marijuana and cannabis growing operations in the city, responding to an article in the weekly paper earlier this month to outline the city's position on the theme.

The issue of the grow ops has been somewhat of a talking point in the community since the suspicious Fire that consumed the Belmont Hotel and Rose's Oriental Kitchen and Gifts, an investigation into that incident is now in the hands of the RCMP. 

What the scope of the 'final report' for council may consist of, was not explained and there was no timeline provided as to when that document may be ready for distribution and if the public will be able to review it as well.

The Mayor's talking points were not repeated on his own City focused Social media feed, nor was it made note of at the most recent City Council session of May 9th, a twenty three minute public meeting that saw no members of Council offer up an indication of any civic discussion topic ahead for the often simmering issue.

At the session, Council did note of a change in command for the local RCMP detachment and their hopes to bring the new Officer in Charge to Council for a discussion on a number of themes in the community.

As we noted back on May 9th, the focus on cannabis and marijuana in commercial buildings has been one that has been often brought to the attention of council, but so far little has been announced as to how City Council may be able to resolve the situation.

Skeena-Bulklely Valley MP Taylor Bachrach made note of the concern from the community last week, though other than noting that he would bring it to the attention of Federal officials, he also offered little short term hope of a solution.

More notes on Civic themes can be reviewed through our archive page here.


  1. The will has to be there to take on the grow ops. Bylaw enforcement can be a powerful tool. As Taylor Bachrach stated:
    “I have expressed to him that I am fully supportive of any steps the city takes in the future,” the MP said. “For matters that fall into municipal jurisdiction, I respect that those are for the City of Prince Rupert to decide. When it comes to the federal legislation, I have heard from residents who are concerned about the impact, and I’m looking forward to providing that feedback as part of the review.

    The city could at least decide start enforcing current bylaws as to building and fire inspections. Doing nothing in answer to the problem in not in the best interests of the city!

  2. Medicinal growing operations are a threat to public safety due to blind spots in federal oversight.
    A municipal council provides laws for community benefit and fosters the social and environmental well-being of the community.
    In the early days of the pandemic, our mayor attempted to go above and beyond provincial health measures to ensure public safety.
    Why is our municipal leadership sitting back on this public safety matter?

  3. I confused. What does waiting for a fire investigation have to do with the numerous grow-ops around town? While the recent fire location might or might not been a grow op it has nothing to do with the rest of the grow-ops around town.

    Waiting for an investigation will just buy the mayor time to do nothing on this file until he turns in his gavel.

  4. They haven’t done anything. The chamber was raising the issues with them well over a year ago already. Like always, the city didn’t use the bylaws they have in place nor did they act to deal with zoning and restrictions for this type of activity. Even worse the mayor and councillors are talking like nothing can be done like people are stupid. How embarrassing for them.

  5. Maybe his response will be published in 2030!