Sunday, May 15, 2022

Blog Watching: Week ending May 15, 2022

Themes from Prince Rupert City Hall and the School District 52 Board of Education gained the most attention from our readers this week. 

That as SD52 received the final glimpse of the School Board budget prior to decision time and relayed a bit of an update on the progress of the long anticipated Prince Rupert Middle School project.

Despite a rather short Council session this week, the themes discussed did resonate with our readers. 

Among our notes to gain the most attention of the last seven days were our look at the Final Approval for the Budget, a short conversation on policing in the community, the path forward for the new RCMP detachment and a proposal for a new business enterprise on Fraser Street all gaining a large audience.

When it came to the top item of the week however, the item that captured the most attention was the by the way mention at a recent SD52 gathering towards the progress for the Prince Rupert Middle School build.

Fate of the Future replacement for PRMS still in the hands of the province -- A question on the progress of the long anticipated Middle School build for Secretary/Treasurer Cam McIntyre, provided for one of a number of discussion points at the May Budget Session at the start of this month, That night was one dedicated to the final stages of Budget preparation and delivered the surprising news for trustees of another unanticipated 800,000 dollar deficit. As the week came to a close another topic that may get some attention at the next Board meeting on May 19th was the concern of parents of bullying in the schools.    (posted  May 11, 2022)

That article was followed by: 
Fires, Grow Ops loom as potential Council Discussion topic for tonight  -- With the burned out wreckage of the former Belmont Hotel still prominently on display following the May 1st fire that consumed, the topic of downtown fires and concerns over marijuana grow ops in the downtown core generated some discussion in the community. And while that discussion didn't make it into the Council Chamber on Monday night, themes of law enforcement did, with Council noting of the arrival of a new Officer in Charge for the Prince Rupert RCMP along with another call for a presentation and discussion with the Mounties at Council in the weeks to come.  (posted  May 11, 2022)

Vote Count remains the same, as Council gives final approval to Financial Plan/Property Tax Bylaws -- While Monday's Council session was another of their shorter efforts on the year at just 23 minutes, the Councillors did have opportunity to move forward on the Budget, providing final vote to the process. As part of their discussion, the Council members also gained an update on a recent initiative to try and revitalize the downtown core.   posted May 13,  2022)

Council approves plan to use Alternative Approval Process for RCMP Building Loan Authorization -- To move further along the road towards a new RCMP detachment, City Council has turned to what has been a familiar path to financing large projects.   (posted May 11, 2022)  .  
Proposed Small Scale Distillery on its way towards public notification, public hearing --  The start of a process that could see a new small scale distillery and tasting room on Fraser Avenue got underway this week, with Council forwarding the request for a rezoning amendment for the property in question out for public notification and a public hearing.  The details towards the zoning amendment and the planning office's review of the proposal came as part of a report provided to Council on Monday night. ( posted May 12, 2022)

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