Friday, May 13, 2022

Skeena-Bulkley Valley MP Taylor Bachrach weighs in on Prince Rupert's Grow Op concerns

With the topic of what at least smells to many city residents like an expanding grow op situation in the downtown core, the Member of Parliament for the region has taken to his Social Media stream with some thoughts on the current issue of concern in Prince Rupert this week.

Skeena-Bulkley Valley MP Taylor Bachrach communicated with his constituents through his Facebook feed on Thursday to outline how he views the situation that has raised the ire of many residents of the community and seemingly left City of Prince Rupert officials with their hands tied towards any kind of control of the situation.

In his short overview, the MP makes note of those frustrations from his constituents,  but doesn't really offer anything that would be a solution to the problem for them at the moment.

As we noted earlier in the week, the last time that the Grow Op situation was raised at City Council, Mayor Lee Brain had noted of his and Council's frustrations, observing at the time of the federal legislation that has made for a challenge for the City to work towards a solution.

While the topic has been one that has caught significant attention in the last two weeks, Council members did not return to the issue at their Council Session this past Monday evening.

More notes on the work of Mr. Bachrach can be reviewed from our House of Commons archive here.

While the day to day workings of City. Council and the City of Prince Rupert is explored through our Council Discussion archive page.


  1. I called MP Bachrach's office and the recorded message said if you are calling from Prince Rupert and have Marijuana concerns, press the hash key now.

  2. Over 2000 Prince Rupert voters helped send MP Bachrach back to Ottawa during the last election.
    Let's see if this becomes a front burner issue.

  3. Prince Rupert please note:

    WINNIPEG - The rules for growing cannabis in Winnipeg are about to get more strict.
    A city committee has voted unanimously to approve bylaw changes that will limit where certain medical cannabis grow-ups can be located.

    It only applies to people who grow medical cannabis to supply other people's prescriptions.

    The changes require facilities to be a minimum of 300 feet away from homes, schools, and parks, and will also require growers to have a business licence.

    The changes are intended to address complaints about odour and safety in residential areas while maintaining individual rights.

    “With this bylaw approach, we are not prohibiting cannabis. I think that’s the key thing, is that we are allowing it," City of Winnipeg planner Rakvinder Hayer told the committee Tuesday.

    "We are focusing on a subcategory of a subcategory, and we’re allowing it with very specific rules so that everyone has a shared understanding of what this use is, where it’s appropriate, what the requirements are, and so we believe this is a sound approach."

    The new bylaw still requires approval from the executive policy committee and city council.