Thursday, May 19, 2022

Diana Lake, Prudhomme Lake Provincial parks Open just in time for the Long Weekend ahead

The weather forecast looks promising for the May Long weekend and with a chance to explore the outdoors ahead for North Coast residents, two popular spots in the area are ready to welcome you for a new season of outdoor adventures.

For those looking for a short getaway, Diana Lake the popular day use site just east of the city, and Prudhomme Lake Provincial Park just a bit further down Highway 16 both have both opened for the year.

Diana Lake has been celebrated by Tourism Prince Rupert with a short preview of what visitors may find upon a trip about twenty minutes outside of the city limits

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Those who plan to enjoy Diana Lake should note that the park closes each night of this long weekend at 10PM

BC Parks has also outlined the features for both, to check out the profiles of the parks see the links below:

Diana Lake

Prudhomme Lake

For those thinking of a Long Weekend at Lakelse Lake in Terrace, notes on that facility can be reviewed here.

Booking a spot to camp however may be a challenge, as many of the available spots have already been claimed, you can review the BC parks Reservation portal here.

More notes on Tourism can be explored here.

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