Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Province of BC adds Heat Alerts to criteria for Alert Ready Program

While it probably won't be a sound heard on the North Coast, for those who travel or have plans this summer for a trip to the warmer parts of British Columbia, should the Heat get too hot, the Province will be issuing an advisory

On Friday, Deputy premier and Public Safety Minister Mike Farnworth advised that as of June an automated alert system will be in place to notify residents of dangerously high temperatures.

The call for such a program came following last summers Heat Dome situation over much of the Lower Mainland area, a climate issue that resulted in close to 600 heat related deaths in the province and found a significant amount of criticism directed to the government over the lack of any warning for residents towards the conditions.

The addition of Heat to the criteria for the Alert Ready system comes two weeks after the province had added floods and wildfires to the warning program.

You can learn more about Emergency Preparedness and Responses from the BC Government website.

Emergency Info BC has more on the Alert Ready program available here.

To learn more about the Alert Ready program and to add the warning system to you personal device see their online portal here.

More notes on the Legislature can be explored from our archive pages.

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