Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Tahtlan Territory next destination for CityWest fibre optic expansion plans

A new partnership for CityWest, this time with the Tahltan Nation
will see fibre optic communications come to  communities
in the Tahtlan territory

A State of the art fibre optic network will soon be in place on Tahitian Territory, providing for improved internet access and offer access to a range of services from health care to business development for residents of the region.

The network is the latest venture for Prince Rupert based CityWest, which has struck a partnership with Tahtlan Communications to construct the high speed fibre optic service in the territory.

The project is through funding as part of both Federal and Provincial programs, that funding was announced close to two years ago in July of 2019.

Over the last year and half, CityWest and Tahltan officials have been working out the plan to deliver the services, with Stefan Woloszyn, the CEO of CityWEst outlining that process today.

“We have been working with the Tahltan nation for the last year and a half, as we have planned and built out our partnership network and submitted plans to develop connectivity to all of their communities and strategic partners. 

What we have come to realize in this process is that we have the same set of primary values, starting with a focus on creating benefits first and foremost. 

As a social enterprise, we are excited about our future together, and we are grateful to the province and the federal government for their support.”

The anticipation of the project for the Tahltan's was outlined by Paul Gruner, the CEO for the Tahtlan Nation Development Corporation. 

 “Rural communities throughout Canada continue to go without fast and reliable internet connectivity; that is about to change in Tahltan Territory, which is a region that accounts for 11% of British Columbia. 

TNDC’s partnership with CityWest is a game changer and will deliver on our key strategic priority to become a telecommunication provider of high-speed internet connectivity to Tahltan communities and those doing business in Tahltan Territory. 

Soon high-speed connectivity will be available, and I cannot be more excited for those who live and work in the region.”

The full outline of the project can be explored here, it's anticipated that the 13 million dollar project will bring connectivity to Iskut and Dease Lake by early 2023.

You can track the progress of the work through the CityWest Facebook page.

More notes on past CityWest's announcements of partnerships across the northwest can be explored from our archive page.


  1. Social enterprise looks better on the dozens of applications that Citywest has written to the Universal Broadband Fund in search of federal funding.

    Once those funds dry up, revenues in new regions won't sustain the network.

    When that happens, Citywest will apply to regional districts to request a broadband service contribution charge (aka tax)
    Here is an example

  2. It's very nice that all these outlying areas are getting fibre optic cable services, for faster and inproved internet service. When is OUR CITY COMPANY going to provide that same service to some areas within the city boundaries of this town who have not yet been connected to this cable service? When? When? When?

    1. Citywest got more money from the Feds and the province to build the Connected Coast project.

      Our Fibre to Home project is taking a back seat because we continue to allow mediocrity from this city run enterprise and its city handlers who reside on the board of directors.


      CityWest hopes to have Fibre to Home in place in 60 percent of Prince Rupert homes by years end- NCR Article - March 2021


      Citywest can preach service all they want, but do not have to communicate anything to their monopolized customer base in Prince Rupert.