Monday, May 30, 2022

City Council to hear pitch from staff to seek recognition at UBCM for recent Civic rebranding project

Council members will consider whether to put the 
new civiv branding up for nomination for awards
at the UBCM meeting later this summer

City Council will hear a request from the Communications office tonight to put forward the recent civic rebranding project up for consideration for upcoming awards with the Union of British Columbia Municipalities.

The request will come through a report from Communications Manager Veronica Stewart who will make the case for the City to submit the work for a 2022 UBCM Community Excellence Award.

As part of her notes, Ms. Stewart notes of the unique adoption of a corporate brand that marries the local Ts'mstyen perspective to the community's City of Rainblows identity.

Among our neighbouring communities, Prince Rupert is unique in our adoption of a corporate brand that closely involved indigenous artist Russell Mather in a more standard re-branding process with an established firm. The end result marries the local Ts'msyen perspective with a simple design that is highly effective in its application across multiple platforms and sizes. The new brand also reaffirms the community’s identity as the “City of Rainbows”. 

The intent of the application is to celebrate the City’s unique approach to developing a community identity, as well as the work of Russell Mather, Will Creative, and the feedback provided by our focus group of community members

Her report can be reviewed below:

As we noted earlier this year,  Prince Rupert Council embraced the new look with effusive praise back in March. Noting of the need for an upgrade from the look of 1910 that had been the city's image.

The project to develop the new civic image began over two years ago coming out of the Rupert 2030 Vision process, it had a slight delay on the way to launch owing to COVID.

The final cost of the new look came in at 105,000 dollars, an increase from the original estimate of 2019 that had set a cost of 75,00 dollars. 

The rebranding project was paid for through a dividend from the Prince Rupert Legacy financial instrument.

More notes on tonight's Council Session can be explored here.

A wider overview of past Council discussion themes can be reviewed here.


  1. I would much rather see Prince Rupert seeking recognition in other UBCM award categories.

    Such as,

    Excellence in Governance
    Excellence in Service Delivery
    Excellence in Sustainability

  2. How is blowing $105,000.00 to be considered for an award. How about an award for saving some money. Oh sorry we don't do that here !