Wednesday, May 18, 2022

City of Prince Rupert celebrates delivery of over-sized garbage cans and 'fully live' Solid Waste program

The deliveries were seemingly completed last week for those who had ordered the larger of two garbage can options that now make for the City's Solid Waste and curb side recycling program.

And with that milestone in place, the City of Prince Rupert shared the Mission Accomplished news today with an information release delivered to the City website. 

With City Hall noting that with the delivery of the larger cans the program is now 'fully live', the bins considered a crucial component of the new recycling service, as they are compatible with the city's new dual bay waste vehicle and its automated loading arm.

Prince Rupert Mayor Lee Brain, was one of a trio of officials to highlight the city's new program today, as well as to offer up some notes on the funding of the city's Solid Waste and Recycling ambitions.

“Curbside recycling has been something that the community has asked for, and thanks to available Canada Community-Building funding, we are happy to be able to deliver this new service to Rupertites. The flexibility of this granting program allows municipalities like ours greater ability to invest in key programs across a number of priorities.” -- Prince Rupert Mayor Lee Brain

Mayor Brain from a City of Prince Rupert promotional
video introduction the city's garbage recycling program in 2021

With a 700,000 dollar federal investment through the Canada Building Fund, Dominic Leblanc the Federal Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs, Infrastructure and Communities had opportunity for a comment on the Prince Rupert program.

“The Canada Community Building Fund is there to help communities meet residents’ needs and ensure they benefit from sound, efficient infrastructure that creates great places to live, work, and raise a family. I’m pleased that our government’s $700,000 investment is helping Prince Rupert’s recycling service to keep the city clean and green,”

Provincial Municipal Affairs Minster Nathan Cullen also made note of the program and how it reflects provincial environmental themes.

“Helping Rupertites participate in curbside recycling will reduce landfill waste and contribute to a healthier environment. This program reflects our CleanBC goals, and the Province is pleased to work alongside the federal government to support the community.”

The City originally only had one can for garbage collection, when the program rolled out in July of last year, the smaller version of the two that are now offered to residents.

The announcement that the larger cans would be made available, though with an additional one time fee came in the fall of 2021 as well as the annual solid waste fees, came as the city announced its new collection plans that provided for a fixed date for residential collection in 2022.

More on today's announcement, which includes a salute to the diligence of city residents and their dedication towards recycling can be reviewed here.

With the delivery of the Super Size version of the garbage cans, the city will most likely be more inclined towards enforcement of its new garbage and recycling program guidelines. 

In April the City advised residents that they were now expected to only use the City provided cans for both garbage and recycling, a social media shout out that generated a fair bit of feedback for City Hall.

If you wish to upgrade to the larger can, with the larger cost, the city has some details on how to make the switchover here.

Further background on the City's newest approach to its Sold Waste program see the city website page here.

A look at what is a fairly extensive history towards the introduction of the program can be reviewed from our archive pages here.

More notes on civic themes can be explored through our Council Archive page.

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