Friday, May 27, 2022

City of Prince Rupert reminds homeowners of change to application process for Homeowner grant

With the mail out of municipal tax notices complete, the City of Prince Rupert has provided for a reminder to the change in how homeowners apply for the homeowner grant, a process which was returned to the province in 2021.

In a Social Media post on Thursday the City made note of the change and how residents can access the opportunity to reduce some of the tax burden that comes with the annual taxes due notifications.

The link to the provincial Home owner grant website can be accessed here.

The information relay also made for part of the home mailing package which came with your tax notice this week, the details on how to pay your taxes as well as the process to apply for the grant is on the flip side of the message to the community from Mayor Lee Brain. 

Also included in the correspondence this week was notice of a State of the City Presentation from the Mayor on June 28th.

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Residents should apply for their Home Owner Grant every year, doing so prior to paying their taxes. 

The Deadline for Tax time this year is July 4th.

More notes related to the City's budget process can be explored here, while civic taxation themes are explored here.

A wider overview of past Council Discussion topics is available here.

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