Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Prince Rupert's price at the pump pushes through the 2 dollar a litre mark

A price point from February shows how much the price of a
litre of gas has increased in Prince Rupert in just three months

Filling up the tank just got a little bit more expensive for Prince Rupert motorists, that as the price at the pumps of the three city gas stations now have a price set at 2.04.9 per litre, a jump of five cents since the weekend.

The price point had been flirting with the 2 dollar and more mark for much of the last month.

To provide a comparison to our current situation from that of the recent past, in January of 2021, the price per litre was listed at 1.18.9/L. 

Two years ago, in May of 2020 we were wondering where prices were going at 99 cents per litre.

Fast forward two years and for Wednesday, May 18th, 2022, both Chevron and 7-11 Esso in the city core and Petro-Canada in the Industrial Park now have the 2 dollar plus price point marked on their boards.

Hays Cove Petro Canada on the east side of the city remains closed, with some extensive work taking place at the station, which has been ongoing for much of the spring.

In April, the Port Edward General Store had noted that their price at the pump was eight cents less than that found in Prince Rupert. That gas buying alert has not been updated since that time.

If someone driving in from Port Edward wants to take a snapshot of today's cost at the pump, you can forward the fuelling up tip to or to our twitter feed here.

The jump in the price of gas comes amid some international turmoil on the global oil markets and arrives just in time for the unofficial start of summer and the May Long Weekend.

More notes on the cost of a fill up can be tracked through our Commercial Sector archive.


  1. Port Ed price is $1.94

    1. Thanks for that, shall have to do the math now and wait to see where we are at for our next fill up! NCR

  2. Port ed price when i filled today was 199.9

    1. Thanks for the update, they should think about posting the price to their FB Page, so Rupert motorists can do the math towards whether a drive down the road is cost effective for a fill up