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Blog Watching: Week ending May 29, 2022

The ink was barely dry from the final vote tally of earlier this month before the City had the 2022 Tax Bills into mailboxes across the city, the annual call for payment coming with an increase for the year, one that will be impacted by rising assessment rates for many property owners. 

Our look at the Tax bills and the announcement of a Community Presentation with mayor Lee Brain in June made for the most read item of the week.

Also gaining a strong readership this week was some political controversy out of Victoria as the NDP announced plans for a near 800 million museum project for the Capital, a political talking point that the BC Liberal in particular is making good use of this month.

Northward expansion plans for the DP World Facility at Fairview Terminal continue to make for commentary  on the city's waterfront, with the Port Edward Harbour Authority now seeking feedback from the public on the plans.

With the regional tourism industry looking for a more normal season ahead than that of the last two years, Tourism Prince Rupert has launched a marketing plan to try to highlight the city's attractions as well as those around the surrounding area.

And our look at some of the recent training put in by Firefighters in Port Edward found a large number of interested readers.

However,  when it came to the top item of the week the city's annual call for payment of Taxes provided for the largest volume of readers these past seven days.

Tax Bills arrive in mail, State of the city presentation invites as well; with Mayor to host public forum June 28th at Lester Centre -- The City's financial office has been quick to get the Taxes Due notices out to the public, with Tax Bills arriving across the city this past week. As part of the information package is also an invitation to a Public presentation by the Mayor to update the community on a range of civic initiatives.     (posted  May 25, 2022)

That article was followed by: 
NDP Museum plans could be long running gift for Opposition -- An announcement from mid May that will see the Royal BC Museum close its doors for up to eight years as part of a near 800 million dollar rebuild has become the main talking point of late for the Opposition Liberals. With the local BC Liberal association making sure to localizing the debate for North Coast Residents.    (posted  May 26, 2022)
Port Edward Harbour Authority looking for public feedback on Port Expansion plans and impact on Fairview Floats  -- A port expansion project that would see the movement of the southern part of the Fairview Floats docks to points north has generated a fair bit of commentary, with the Port Edward Harbour Authority now seeking the opinion of those who may be affected by the project. posted May 24,  2022)

Tourism Prince Rupert looks to rebuild marketing of attractions following COVID interruption  -- A look at some of the features and four key initiatives to draw attention to what Prince Rupert and the North Coast has to offer visitors.  (posted May 26, 2022)  .  
Port Edward Volunteer Firefighters take on range of scenarios in May training program -- Our look at some of the training of the last few months for Port Edward's Volunteer Firefighter Department also found a large audience.   ( posted May 27, 2022)

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