Friday, May 13, 2022

Prince Rupert Port Authority seeks some outside assistance for its In-House Communication/Marketing offices

Communication and Marketing staff inside the Port Offices at the
Atlin Terminal may soon see some outside help with the work
of spreading word of Port projects and other themes

When it comes to sharing word of new ventures or updates on existing programs, the Prince Rupert Port Authority by far is the most efficient group in the city when it comes to its use of the in house Communication and marketing offices, with a full suite of information sharing through a range of communication platforms and social media options such as Facebook, Twitter,  Linked In and Instagram.

Such is the reach of their communication team and their communication platforms these days, that a portion of their social media message making has now included notes of interest for the Prince Rupert area about community events and opportunities that are available to lend a hand with local community groups and organizations.

With a number of projects underway or in the preparation stage and an ever growing international profile in the world of transportation and shipping, the PRPA is now looking to offer some additional communication skills to their own in office group. 

That with a Posting to the BC Bid Site that seeks out the services of communication professionals to take on some projects from the Port.

As part of the introduction to their current call for Expressions of Interest from Creative Agencies, the Port has outlined some background as to type  work that the successful agency will take on.

To support our organization’s public affairs, marketing, and communications objectives, PRPA has a dedicated in-house communications team that is accountable for the development and management of brand, design, website, video, and social media. However, we still have a need for the support of a roster of brand and creative experts to assist with ongoing initiatives and key projects, either to guide, inspire and supplement the skillsets of our in-house staff, or to be available for full-service support from creative ideation to ad production. 

We are seeking an agency who can conceptualize, design, and produce strong and inclusive creative for digital, print, and other relevant applications. PRPA invites your firm to participate by providing information on your services for a potential agreement for a creative agency service provider to support the organization’s project-specific requests, communications, and marketing efforts. PRPA creates marketing collateral, reports, and presentations for a wide audience of stakeholders locally, in northern BC, across Canada, and for a variety of international commercial stakeholders. 

We seek a central provider of on-demand creative services for our organization’s marketing and communications objectives. Use of available market research and analytics data to provide guidance and strategic advice for communications and marketing initiatives is an asset. The scope of work includes assistance with the organization’s external website and requires WordPress expertise.

The call for expressions of interest was introduced on April 29th, the deadline for submissions of interest is coming up next week on May 19th.

A look at the full package from the PRPA can be viewed through the BC Bid website.

For more notes on Port of Prince Rupert themes see our archive page here.

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