Monday, May 16, 2022

Grand Opening for Coffee Shop celebrates Name Change for Seal Cove Garden Centre

A new name for a new season as the Rupert Lawn and Garden Centre
is no more, rebranded as the Yaga Cafe Garden Company

The Gitmaxmak'ay Nisga'a Society opened up their latest business enterprise over the weekend, serving up coffee and treats from the the new Yaga Cafe at Saturday's Grand Opening celebration. 

And as they did the Society also introduced a name change for the old Rupert Lawn and Garden Centre, with both operations at their Seal Cove location now operating under the Yaga Cafe Garden Co. banner.

The Saturday debut for the cafe and rebranding for the Garden Centre saw a good sized crowd in attendance, with elders of the Nisga'a Nation providing for a blessing ceremony as part of the day's events.

The Gitmaxmak'ay Society explained the name change with a Social Media post to their website over the weekend, providing some background on the significance of the new name of Yaga

Some photos are included on the Social media page (some of which we've featured below) to provide a glimpse of the new look for the familiar Garden Centre, which now has gone through three name changes.

Previous to Saturday it was known as the Prince Rupert Lawn and Garden Centre and before its purchase by the Gitmaxmak'ay Nisga'a Society's Business arm eight years ago, it was known as Azalea Gardens.

The new Yaga Cafe should have a pretty strong summer of sales ahead, located as it is just steps away from the newest recreation space in the region, that of the Seal Cove Salt Marsh site.

Follow the Yaga Cafe Garden Co. Facebook page for notes on upcoming events.

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