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MLA's Week: May 9-12, 2022

This was a fairly light week for participation from Northwest MLA's in the seven sessions of the BC Legislature, with only the Skeena MLA Ellis Ross having an active role in the Chamber with a number of appearances and commentaries through the first three of the four days of Legislature work.

On the week there are no notations on contribution to the proceedings in the Chamber by the North Coast or Stikine MLA's, other than when there was a call for a vote on Bills that the government is moving forward.

All three MLA's were busy however  through their Social media feeds, with a range of themes explored and messages delivered through the week.

As for more on the recent week of work from the House, the four days unfolded as follows:


On the week, Ms Rice was not mentioned once  in the record for the week in the  Legislature from May 9-12

The North Coast MLA is also a member of the Following committees:

Ms. Rice serves as the Government's Parliamentary Secretary for Emergency Preparedness

The North Coast MLA also addressed a range of themes through her Social Media Stream.


For our readers from the Terrace-Kitimat region, Skeena MLA Ellis Ross  was mentioned six times in the record for the week in the Legislature from May 9-12

On Monday, the MLA's week in the Legislature began with a tribute to Lillian Henry, a matriarch on his wife Tracey's side of the family who had passed away in Kitimat that day

Later in the same Monday session, Mr. Ross spoke to themes on Energy and the need for the provincial government to be more supportive of energy projects.

On Monday afternoon the Skeena MLA participated in a Legislature Committee Session as part of the work of the Ministry of Indigenous Relations and Reconciliation
Tuesday Morning, Mr. Ross provided introductions to the Legislature, making note of a number of nurses from the Northwest that were in the Gallery that day.

As part of the discussion  on the Low Carbon Fuel Act for the Tuesday afternoon session, the Skeena MLA noted of the need to build more refineries and access more Canadian resources.

The fairly busy week of speaking in the Chamber wrapped up on Wednesday, when Mr. Ross provide the Legislature of a snapshot of the need for a Neo-natal ICU facility as part of the new Mills Memorial Hospital Build, noting of some current fundraising in the Northwest towards that goal.

Mr. Ross serves as the Liberal critic on LNG and Energy.

The Skeena MLA is also a member of the Following committees:

The Skeena MLA also addressed a range of themes  featured as part of the MLA's social media work.


For our readers from the Bulkley Valley area, Stikine MLA Nathan Cullen  was not mentioned   in the record for the week in the  Legislature from May 9-12 

Mr. Cullen serves as the Government's Minister of Municipal Affairs

The Stikine MLA also had comments on a range of themes through his Social Media stream this week


There is more background on all three Regional MLA's available from our MLA's Week Archive,  as well as our constituency archives below:

MLA's return to the Legislature on Monday morning May 16th at 10AM

MLA's also participate in a number of Committee sessions scheduled through the week.

A larger overview of provincial issues can be found on our Political portal D'Arcy McGee 

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