Friday, May 13, 2022

Social media concerns over School Bullying may make for one more high profile topic for the May 17th SD52 Board meeting

While they already have a full plate ahead of them owing to another surprising declaration of a 800,000 dollar deficit, a conversation on what's actually happening in the schools and classrooms across the city may be part of the Agenda for the Prince Rupert School Board trustees on May 17th.

A topic on reports of bullying in Prince Rupert Schools that started out with only a few comments just a few days ago, has churned its way through a number of social media pages in the community over the last 48 hours.

With one forum found on the Prince Rupert Community Bulletin Board, exploring the concerning topic of bullying in the schools somewhat extensively.  

The contributions to the discussion making for a sounding  board which is finding a growing number of contributors to share their thoughts.

Such is the tone of the discussion from the forums, that it would seem that the SD52 session next Tuesday may be the most attended one in recent times; though with the Board of Education still holding their sessions remotely, any would be participants in the May 17th session will have to book a space for the Zoom session through the School District Office.

At some point beyond what should be a return to in person Board sessions once again, the Board of Education may want to consider shifting their streaming of Board meetings to a different platform.
Whether that be YouTube Live or Facebook Live, through twitter or some other platform, something that doesn't require pre-registration; a process which may deter many in the community from participating in the process and becoming more informed on School District efforts.

As for the session of next week and the notes of concerned parents and guardians, Board officials may want to get ahead of the audience by having reports at the ready to outline what if anything that they have had reported related to issues of bullying from their Principals at all of the schools across the city. 

As well as to make note of the steps they have taken to date to address those concerns.  

For good measure they probably should also start considering what they could do in the future to increase attention to the situation and to try to resolve what clearly is a concerning issue for parents and guardians.

More notes on Education in Prince Rupert can be explored from our archive page.

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