Thursday, June 7, 2018

Taking Stock: North Coast Business Scene -- May 2018

Studies, surveys reports and appointments for the most part told the business story for the month of May, with local business operators asked for their opinions on the state of the local economy by the City  in the middle of the month and then reminded of their tax obligations to the community just a few days later.

The impact of BC Ferry service on the economy of the region also received a review in May as a study commissioned by Tourism Prince Rupert called for more consultation with the community by the Ferry service.

The ebb and flow of gas prices continued to make for much discussion in the community through the month, with about the only certainty to be found the need to fill up your tank before a Friday arrives on the calendar.

And a new online tool to attract new investment in the region was rolled out this month, providing for one more option for investors to learn more about what Prince Rupert has to offer.

Those themes and many others, can be be found as part of our review of the Commercial and economic scene in the region for the last month below:


Northern Savings continued to show its community spirit in the Northwest, once again sponsoring its Inspire Bursary program offering three bursaries for secondary school students looking to continue their studies at the post secondary level. 

The price of gas in the community had Rupertites seeking out the best bargain through May, with prices spiking and dropping at local gas stations with a range of price points to be found.

Business owners received a clear picture as to their 2018 Business tax burden in May, as the City of Prince Rupert delivered the annual call for property taxes for the community.

A pair of local businesses received some accolades this Spring, with both the Ashley Furniture Centre and Argosy on Third Avenue honoured for their exterior design work of the last year or so.

Prince Rupert's business community had an opportunity to share their opinions on the conditions for business owners in the community as the City of Prince Rupert and a range of partners conducted this years Business walk.

The City of Prince Rupert's Small Business Advisory Council gained a new member in May, with City Council appointment Ms. Rosa Miller to a two year term with the Advisory group.

The North Coast's Sports Fishing sector was the first to feel some of the bite from this years salmon concerns, with DFO imposing a number closures in May that will have an impact on the industry.

Business owners looking to locate in Prince Rupert have a new tool at their disposal to learn more about the community and what it has to offer, with the City of Prince Rupert introducing a new online portal to provide information for would be investors in the community.

May also saw a similar portal launched in Terrace, offering much the same information as the Prince Rupert version.

Prince Rupert's CityWest provided an update on their Sub Sea Communication project, creating a new online resource for residents to follow the progress of the project that will create a fibre optic  link the North Coast with the Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island.

North Coast Business owners looking to participate in a Provincial Task Force examination of  Small Business will have to make a road trip, with the only Northwest session set for Terrace on June 13th.

The impact of BC Ferries services to the North Coast was the subject of a new report commissioned by Tourism Prince Rupert which explored a range of issues including how the service contributes to  economic development in the region.

And the month of May began with some welcome news for patrons of Dolly's in Cow Bay, with the restaurant and seafood market reopening following extensive renovations.

You can keep up to date on the ebb and flow of the Prince Rupert commercial scene through our Taking Stock Archive for 2018

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