Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Communications on the North Coast 2020: Broadcasting and Print Media

A reference guide to items of interest from 2019 about the regional broadcasting (radio and TV) outlets as well as print media operations across the Northwest and other issues in Northern BC.


December 9 -- New CFTK TV reporter takes to the Prince Rupert news beat  NCR


October 8 -- Interior News welcomes back Sonja Lester


April 22 -- Northern View launches pledge drive during challenging financial times for news industry NCR
April 21 -- Since you may have some time these days, take a trip back in time with the Prince Rupert Library  NCR
April 20 -- Former CFTK TV general manager Brian Langston passes away
April 17 -- Slight change towards delivery of the local paper now in place  NCR


March 9 -- When it comes to apologies ... the Northern View's Fire Coverage notes don't impress Councillor Skelton-Morven much  NCR
March 6 -- Challenges of reporting cited by National News Council in investigation of complaint over Northern View's Fire coverage of Sunday   NCR
March 5 -- Northern View's 'apology' over fire coverage makes more for marketing op than mea culpa  NCR
March 2 -- City Councillor calls for apology from Northern View following weekend Fire Coverage  NCR
March 2 -- Weekly paper feels the heat from its Sunday Waterfront fire coverage  NCR


February 21 -- Black Press dips into Federal journalism fund to fill some vacancies  NCR
February 19 -- Local paper faces short bench with more departures from Fraser Street Publication  NCR
February 13 -- Yet another shake up for the local media scene with TV7 vacancy  NCR
February 6 -- More changes at Prince Rupert's weekly paper  NCR
February 4 -- Consultation period on CBC licence renewals extended by CRTC  NCR


January 9 -- Terrace reporter says goodbye
January 7 -- Friends and Foes of the CBC weigh in as licence renewal consultation continues  NCR

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